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We developed:

  1. Original and effective methods and techniques;
  2. Tools that are easy to learn today, easy to apply tomorrow;
  3. We help speakers improve the use of their voice in order to increase their eloquence, precision and persuasiveness.

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Born and raised in the U.S., both Melinda Whalon and Beth Puton earned Master's degrees in Music. They have performed and taught voice professionally in the U.S and Europe for more than 25 years. Married to Frenchmen based in Paris, Melinda and Beth obtained ESL (English as a Second Language) diplomas and have taught English to business professionals in major French and and international companies for over 10 years.

They became increasingly aware of a significant issue that faced many of their students—ineffective, poorly projected speech. In addition, due to their limited knowledge of intonation, pacing, structure and vocal production. neither the student’s ideas nor their persona were clearly communicated.

After much thought and discussion, Beth and Melinda co-authored and taught workshops on "Public Speaking" for French business professionals, public speakers and university level students. Their unique background of musical and vocal education, performing experience and English teaching enabled them to create a practical, concise approach to better public speaking. Their methods are easy to learn and easy to apply immediately.

Through their company, Hit your mark Communications!, they offer sessions for individuals or groups in both public and private sectors. Every course is tailored to the individual's or group's needs and goals.

Hit your mark Communications! aims to allow executives and business professionals, whose performance in English lacks sufficient confidence and impact, to build and develop those skills.  A vocal presence that is secure and confident, dynamic and expressive, liberates their potential in negotiations, meetings, conferences, or on a one-to-one basis.