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Here there are websites grouped into 5 categories: English pronunciation, grammar Challenges, Taking the floor in English Dictionaries and for a well-crafted style.

These sites have vocations to enable you to deepen your knowledge to your own interests!

English Pronunciation

BBC Learning English | Pronunciation Tips

Free tools and downloads to aid pronunciation
English Online France

A set of pronunciation exercises based on a pedagogical system of discovery called Silent Way)

The largest language pronunciation resource in the world.

Free: Multiple languages. Currently listing 164,889 entries in the dictionary.

A guide to the English pronunciation of names, people, places, and things.

Check Grammar Rules?

Perfect English Grammar

Excellent tool to review Englishgrammatical structures, Features clear explanationsm exercises and videos.  Perfect tool for anyone.
BBC Grammar

Helps students of English learn how to use difficult grammatical structures.

Quite clear explanations of English grammar points.

A large and diversified collection of tools and resources.
The Purdue Owl: Grammar

Resources on OWL helps you use correct English grammar in both your written and oral expression.
Grammar Girl

A friendly guide through the world of English grammar, punctuation, and usage, as well as experiencing the evolution of the language.

Public Speaking in English?

American Rhetoric

Discover the speeches and rhetoric through books, films and the most influential people of the United States.
TED: Ideas worth spreading

Ideas worth spreading: Here you will find specialist lectures on all subjects and in English! Discover how these people express themselves in public.
Great speeches of the 20th century

The Guardian present here the most famous speeches of the 20th century from the 4 corners of the globe.
50 Incredible, Historical Speeches You Should Watch Online

This blog provides academic discourse of great figures through political, war and peace, culture and society ...
ELLLO Mixers

Listen to six different people with six different accents discuss various subjects.


Cambridge International Dictionaries

Online English dictionaries with many idiomatice expressions and phrasal verbs.

Multi-language, easy to use, ideal for phrasal verbs. Features forums for more difficult questions.

The largest free online dictionary. Includes sound files for pronunciation.

Pour un style bien ficelé?

Strunk & White, Elements of Style

it gives, in brief space the principal simple English style requirements and focuses attention on the rules of use and compositional principles most often violated.
BBC News Style Guide

It details most of the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

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