Women often have difficulties speaking with a powerful presence due to cultural influences.
How can you express yourself in a work environment where you are not heard? Numerous surveys (McKinsey, Cambridge, Opportunity Now) show that the biggest challenges for modern women are in their work environment. 38% of women aged 20 to 70 want to be seen as a strong contributor in their work role; valued by their colleagues.

But how can women achieve these goals? By building their self–confidence, developing leadership skills and understanding the importance of influencing and networking. But none of the aforementioned skills will be effective if a woman lacks a strong vocal presence. Your most important message will not hit its mark unless you have a convincing voice!
From the Roman Forum to the most recent political campaign trails, from schoolrooms to boardrooms, our social environments have unconsciously limited the right of women to express themselves freely. Many women still feel hesitant when they must speak in a meeting, even though they may be highly qualified to do so!

Voice coaching helps you increase your confidence by identifying your true instrument. Our training will help you reveal your personality through specific vocal techniques, while learning how to use your voice effectively in various situations. Through training and specific exercises, you can acquire the vocal skills to participate effectively in a meeting, lead that meeting, convince your colleagues, have a great interview or succeed in getting a major contract.

Everyone has had the experience of listening to someone whose voice is « too nasal », « decidedly grating », « too high », “too low”, etc. Unfortunately these speakers often have a very limited tonal range, contributing to the dull, boring image they project. The problem is that you begin to concentrate only on their voice, not their message. Is this the image you want to project?

Effective use of your voice does not mean you will speak more loudly… but you will learn how to speak more dynamically, applying word stress, tonal color, pauses, etc. Your voice will be able to reveal your intentions and your personality more clearly.

Vocal training can also have an impact on your personal as well as you professional life. I just finished a series of sessions with a highly professional, very attractive woman who works overseas for an international NPO. At our last session she explained that she often had troubles politely refusing dates, the men did not take her seriously and continued to hound her. We applied the vocal techniques she had learned to create a firm, yet polite refusal, which would be clearly understood.

Your voice is uniquely identifiable, learn to use it well. Hannah Arendt wrote in The Human Condition, that the most essential function of speech aren’t the words spoken, but the way that « in acting and speaking, men show who they are, reveal actively their unique personal identities and thus make their appearance in the human world ». Improve your appearance in your world, take your voice seriously and others will take you seriously!